Weather in the Philippines in December

The weather in the Philippines in December makes for the best accompaniment to the Filipino gusto of celebrating Christmas. Throughout December, the temperatures begin to drop a tad bit and the weather gets a lot more pleasant. This is especially noticeable in the mountains and hilly regions. December officially marks the beginning of the peak dry season. Tourists from all over the world flock to many of the well-known places like Manila, Palawan, Coron and Boracay. Additionally, the festival of Christmas is widely celebrated throughout the country, making December a great time for you to be here. Read through the weather in the Philippines in December and chart out your dream holiday.

weather in philippines in december The month of December attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world.

Weather in Luzon in December

Places in the Cordillera region of Luzon, like Sagada and Baguio, experience lower temperatures and a much cooler climate. Temperatures fall down to around 20°C (68°F) and it can get nippy in January and February. Unlike European or North American countries, there is not severe winter in the Philippines. However you will feel significantly colder when going on activities like cave diving and multi-day treks. If you have these things on your itinerary, we highly recommend carrying appropriate clothing. Places like Manila are pretty warm and dry and you can enjoy Manila without the constant worry of impending rain. If you’re in Luzon in December, we highly recommend exploring traditions and ceremonies around Manila

Travelling to the Philippines in December to catch some diving is also a great idea. Areas like Anilao and Subic Bay aren’t scorching hot like they are during the summer months. The weather is definitely warm but still comparatively pleasant. Enthusiasts and pro-divers start visiting these dive spots increasingly and it’s a smart move to book your stay well in advance. We’re not saying that there’s no rainfall at all. Do expect light drizzles and occasional short showers throughout Luzon. But these can also be a relief from the heat on some days.

weather in philippines in december Baguio, a city in the mountainous area of the Northern Luzon, experiences lower temperatures in December.

Weather in Visayas in December

Travelling to the Philippines in December? We’d recommend adding Visayas to your itineray. Malapascua, Bohol, Panglao, Negros, and Cebu are just amazing at this time of the year. You can spend your entire trip in the Visayas, as there are so many hidden gems in this region to explore. With the clear and pleasant climate in December, you can enjoy relaxing on beautiful beaches or diving to see corals and other aquatic creatures. Palawan, Coron and Boracay are also great options to visit in December. The weather is erratic but not as much as Luzon. Still, it never hurts to be prepared for light drizzles.

If diving is on your list, prepare to face crowds of tourists. As always, recommend booking in advance to get lower rates. If you’re looking for unique experiences and are determined to customize your trip then get in touch with us! We can also help you book your stay and internal flights and ferries to save you some money.

cebu city Visayas is the highlight location when it comes to best weather in the Philippines in December.

Weather in Mindanao in December

The weather in December in the beautiful islands of Siargao and Camiguin is pretty much the same as November. Unpredictable, overcast and occasionally sunny. It definitely isn’t the best time to visit as there are chances of storms. These can result in boat trips being delayed or cancelled for safety reasons. If you’re thinking of visiting Davao and the surrounding secluded beaches and tiny islands, December is a good time. The weather is much drier and the temperatures are lower too. It’s very pleasant and optimal to move around as compared to the scorching heat of April and May.

davao - weather in philippines in december The exceptionally beautiful beaches of Davao in the Mindanao island group.


The Philippines is a gorgeous destination, and the Filipinos are friendly people who know how to celebrate their festivals with gusto. You’ll get to catch a lot of Christmas traditions, as well as enjoy off-time on your holiday in the Philippines. Make good use of the weather in the Philippines in December by planning your Christmas break there- click on Plan Your Trip to know more!


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