Weather in the Philippines in January

If you have a New Year’s trip to the Philippines on your mind, we have to say, the weather in the Philippines in January is as great as it can get. The temperatures are cooler and it’s quite pleasant at this time of the year. It doesn’t get too cold, unless you’re travelling to hilly regions such as Sagada, Mt. Apo, or Mt. Mayon. Looking to get in some diving while island hopping? Great, because January falls in the middle of the dry season (November to May) and there is minimal rainfall. Read on to know all about navigating the islands according to the weather in the Philippines in January.

weather in the philippines in january The weather in the Philippines in January is perfect to bring in the New Year.

Weather in Luzon in january 

Considering that the Philippines often experiences tropical heat, January is a month where you can actually escape the heat and visit places in the mountains like Baguio and Sagada. The falling temperatures make it the best time to go on treks, for a day or more. The perfectly conicular and iconic Mt. Mayon is just an example of some wonderful trails you can explore. Add to this Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Pulag, the tallest peak in Luzon. 

The province of Batangas is another great visit in January. Not only does it have very nice trails close by, but you can also explore the clear waters of Anilao. Being one of the top destinations for diving, there are a ton of great diving sites around Anilao where you can witness the majestic corals and colorful aquatic life.

If you’re looking out for more scuba diving in the Philippines, we also highly recommend exploring underwater wrecks in Subic Bay. It is conveniently a few hours away from Manila. In places like Anilao and Subic Bay, book your stay in advance if you want cheaper-than-usual rates. On a side note, if you’re a party person, you’ll have a blast in Manila! There are tons of music festivals and parties happening in and around Manila during January.

luzon philippines Good weather and clear water make diving and trekking fun activities to do in January.

Weather in the PALAWAN in january 

January in Palawan is a great time to be there. Dry and sunny days with slightly chilly nights. Temperatures in Palawan range between 25°C (78°F) – 29°C (84°F).  There is always a chance of a rare shower but you would find more sunny days than wet ones. El Nido, Coron and Balabac are great places to be to enjoy white sand beaches, snorkelling and gorgeous waterfalls. 

It would be a great time to take the castaway experiences from Coron to El Nido or the other way round. Also enjoy the glamping by the beach experience in El Nido. The seas can be a little rough but that should not hamper any of your scuba diving or snorkelling plans.

Islands in the phillipines island hopping in palawan

Weather in the Visayas in january 

The Visayas region is relatively drier in January but the humidity is still pretty high. The chances of the Visayas experiencing rainfall during January is definitely low. The weather is very similar to what you’d experience in Luzon, if not slightly warmer. There are occasional showers but they don’t usually last for long, making travelling very easy.

Even though January is not really the peak season, places like the party-island of Boracay are filled with tourists. Nonetheless, they’re still worth visiting because they offer an experience like no other. Temperatures in the region average around 27°C (80°F), apart from Coron and Palawan.

It’s also the perfect setting to attend the wide range of festivals like the Sinulog in Cebu, or Ati-Atihan in Aklan. In case you’re wondering if the weather in the Philippines in January allows for some beaches, it is perfect to take a day to relax on the sand. Beach bums must head to the islands of Siquijor and Malapascua; they’re perfect for sunbathing and diving, with fewer tourists around.

beaches in the philippines The weather in the Philippines in January is ideal for beach bums and diving enthusiasts alike.

Weather in Mindanao in January 

Mindanao is the southernmost region of the archipelago. Its proximity to the equator makes the temperatures a tad bit warmer than the rest of the country. However, the climate doesn’t differ much from the other regions. We highly recommend visiting Camiguin Island which has 7 volcanoes and many beautiful and relaxing hot springs.

Siargao, which is the northernmost island of the region, might not be the best place to visit in January if you want water sports like surfing and kayaking. The winds here are best experienced later in the year from August to November.

If you’re an adventurous soul who’d like to feel the 2-day thrill of trekking Mt Apo (the highest peak in the Philippines), then January is a great time. Rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year and you can climb Mt. Apo anytime, but we advise you to check the weather reports before starting your journey.

weather in the philippines in january The region of Mindanao in January can be warmer than the rest of the country.


The weather in the Philippines in January is practically perfect; if anything, it may be considered too humid for some, but you can always forget the humidity as you drench yourself in the ocean water. The Philippines are immersive with tons of activities to do, from hiking and scuba diving to adventure getaways and culinary experiences. If this has gotten you curious enough, simply click on Plan Your Trip, and let’s get you on board with a holiday in the Philippines! 


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