Weather in the Philippines in September

You can definitely expect heavy rainfall along with the rising possibility of typhoons for the weather in the Philippines in September. The intensity of the monsoon is at its peak and the weather is very similar to that in August. However, the good news is that the islands are spread over a large area. So if you’re looking to escape the bad weather, there’s always somewhere to go. The bad news? The seas can be rough, and the boat trips can vary from being outright dangerous to even cancelled or postponed. Don’t get disheartened though, read through our article on the weather in the Philippines in September to figure it out.

monsoon season philippines The intensity of the monsoon is at its peak in the month of September.

Weather in Luzon in September

Traveling to the Philippines in September can get challenging if you’re in Luzon. The monsoon winds hit it hard and it experiences rainfall almost everyday in most places. The weather is highly unpredictable in Manila, as it can rain anytime without warning and you have to play each day by ear. We recommend carrying a good raincoat or windcheater in case you’re stuck in some showers. It is humid and hot when it doesn’t rain, but the overcast weather and winds help cool things down.

We recommend avoiding trekking altogether. Trails are very slippery and the unpredictable weather increases the chances of things going wrong. The weather in the Philippines in September calls for some flexibility. This is especially true if you’re in Luzon. Expect delays due to cancelled ferries and flights in the event of bad weather.

weather in the philippines in september The weather in Manila in the month of September can be highly unpredictable.

weather in Visayas in September 

Even though the weather can be unpredictable, the most likely weather pattern will be a bout of rainfall for a short time each day. The rest of the day is mostly fine, when you can indulge in outdoor activities. If you’re travelling to the Philippines in September we recommend Cebu, Bohol, and Panglao Island. Additionally, on clear days with good weather, diving and snorkeling are both possible.

However, the weather in Coron and Palawan are not as travel-friendly- the rains are unpredictable. So if you’re determined to visit these places to sunbathe and relax, they can end up being a let-down. The good thing is neither of these destinations are in the way of storms or typhoons.

weather in the philippines in september The beautiful Panglao Island is perfect for a visit in September.

Weather in Mindanao in September 

The weather in the Philippines in September is as rainy as it is great. Surfers, you’re in luck. Just like in August, Siargao is great for surfers during September. There will be a fair amount of tourists who find their way to Siargao, since it’s a haven for surfers during this season. The winds and waves are strong and it really makes for a great experience. If you’re looking for an escape to the tourists, visit Camiguin, where the climate is similar to that of Bohol. Davao is still hot during September with temperatures touching anywhere between 30° – 35°C (86° – 95°F).

camiguin island - weather in the philippines in september The Camiguin island is an untouched peace of heaven in the Philippines.

Restrict your flying to Cebu, and ideally stick to the Visayas, and the weather in the Philippines in September will not get in the way of you having a nice holiday. Divers can choose from Oslob, El Nido, Puerto Princesa, Panglao, Bohol and Malapascua, as long as you go on a clear day and the waters are friendly. All in all, despite the rains, the Philippines is a gorgeous place. It is the perfect location for that scenic holiday on your mind. Click on Plan Your Trip for any further assistance you may need.


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